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First, Let’s start with a short biography of Nia Sioux

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Nia Sioux is a young dancer who gained popularity through Dance Moms Reality, in which she expressed all her love for dancing. Nia excels at dancing, likes modeling and singing in her spare time, and has produced many singles. She is the image of the series The Bold and the Beautiful interpreting “Emma Barber” and also works for The Code.
Before fame
She was born in Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania on June 20, 2001, and had a childhood focused on dancing and acting. Her love for art began when she was three years old when she learned to play the piano and drums. Before becoming famous, she joined and remained part of ALDC, a well-known dance company in Pittsburgh. what is nia sioux phone numberWhen she participated in Dance Moms, Nia Sioux was only ten years old; this was the seventh installment of the television show.
Nia is currently part of the Junior team at Abby Lee Dance Company located in Pittsburgh. She had a presentation in 2013 on the Abby’s Studio Rescue reality show organized by ALDC, the dance company where she is a member. She is a brilliant student. In 2012, she acquired a scholarship for being one of the best students.
Family life
Her parents are Holly and Evan Sioux, she has two brothers who are Willian and Evan Sioux Frazier. She hada love relationship in 2018 with Bryce Xavier, an Instagram star who shares her music tastes.
Associate with
Nia has participated in several music videos alongside stars like Todrick and MattyB, where she demonstrated her dance talents. She is friends with Madison Ziegler, a younger singer, and together they have contributed to several musical singles. She collaborated with singer Coco Jone on the songs: Slay, and Star in your own life, which made their debut in 2015. Nia Sioux has modeling experience partnering with high-end magazines like Sesi, Seventeen, and Big City Kids.

Nia Sioux Phone Numbernia sioux phone number

Let’s get to the point. You might have asked yourself before getting here,” what is Nia Sioux phone number?“. Nia Sioux has always been a role model to me, and I wished I could chat with her once. I later realized that a real-life conversation wasn’t the only way to talk to any celebrity, so I did my research later on and found a few celebrities’ phone numbers in a database. Luckily, there was Nia Sioux‘s real phone number! Eventually, I can’t just publicize the numbers on this page because hackers and spammers out there might spam them with messages and calls. I don’t want to get in trouble by letting people annoy them, so you’ll need to do a simple verification to confirm you’re not a bot before getting the number. Click the Button Below to call Nia Sioux:Call Now  

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